What do you get when you combine a temple, a museum, and a club? ...You get ENTITY.

Although temples, museums, and clubs are often thought of as dissimilar in their function, they have one commonality at their core; they are structures that serve as sacred containers for an encounter with the Unknown.

The intention behind ENTITY was to design an architectural canvas tailored to host these sorts of encounters in the form of Audio-Visual installations.

The project’s ambition is an ongoing exploration of virtual spaces and their potential to blur the lines between the mind's experience of physical and virtual environments. Consider how many art installations, performances, films, and events you’ve experienced yet have only watched thru a screen. The question arises: if you are truly immersed in a "virtual" experience then is that experience just as "real" as physically being there?

I often use the example of the memories I have from childhood running thru the forests of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or the bunkers of GoldenEye 007. Although these locations do not physically exist, my memories inside these virtual spaces are just as “real” as my memories of experiences inside physical environments.

Upcoming installations will continue to explore the boundaries of Audio-Visual design, scenography, and cinematography. And will even begin to take tangible form as future installations start to break out of the virtual walls of ENTITY and into physical spaces.


The first installation launched in the summer of 2020 consisting of a livestream performance by DJ ANA B for Refraction Festival. The installation was premiered by FACT Magazine as part of a two-week long digital festival.