In the spring of 2021, I took a sabbatical to the Sonoran desert in the American Midwest seeking to tap into some desert bliss and dive deep into creation mode. I filled an adobe home in Tucson, Arizona with audio/video gear, monitors, and a portable server I built for rendering and generating visuals.

During this time, my good friend Alex Mackay flew out with the purpose of collaborating on a project together. The only goal we set was to get in a room full of gear out in the middle of nature and spend a week creating something, anything, no constraints, whatever would come out at the end of the week would be the final output.

If you’ve ever been to the Sonoran desert you know that it contains strange and powerful energy, this was only heightened by the fact that the blood moon eclipse fell on this week.

At the end of the week, we were left with what felt more like a “transmission” we received than a “creation”. The output was an 8-minute audio-visual film that eventually made its way inside ENTITY and evolved into a virtual installation.